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Chieftain by Command by Frances Housden

Gavyn Farquhar’s marriage is forged with a double-edged blade. Along with the Comlyn clan’s lands, a reward from the King. He is blessed with an unwilling bride, Kathryn Comlyn. And an ancient fort with few defences that desperately needs to be fortified before it can act as a sufficient buffer between Scotland and the Norsemen on its northern borders.
Gavyn needs wealth to meet his king’s demands, and he knows of only one way to get it - with his sword. Leaving his prickly bride behind in the hands of trusted advisors, he makes his way to the battlegrounds of France and the money that can be made there.
Two years married and Kathryn is still a virgin. A resentful virgin, certain that, like her father before her, she is perfectly capable of leading the Comlyn clan. In her usurper husband’s absence, she meets the clan’s needs, advising and ruling as well as any man.
But she is an intelligent woman, and she knows the only respect and power she will ever hold will be through her husband. And to wield it, she needs to make him love her. An easy task to set, but impossible to complete, when said husband has been gone for two years, and there is no word of his return. But Kathryn is undeterred. After all, a faint heart never won a Chieftain.

My attention was captured by the cover of the book and reading the synopsis I thought was a new book about Highlanders and it's One of my favorite genre, but I wasn't impressed during its reading.
I didn't fall in love with the two protagonists and I didn't feel myself particularly involved from the love-story between them.
The plot was interesting, full of background and plots and  it has been given ample space to the minor characters. Let's say I found myself follow with more pleasure their stories than  reading about Gavyn and Kathryn.
Too bad, because it had large potential according to me, but maybe  it was me to fail to appreciate it fully.
Thanks to Netgalley and Escape Publishing for the book.

RATING: 2.5 stars

La mia attenzione è stata sicuramente catturata dalla copertina del libro e leggendo la sinossi ho pensato fosse uno dei miei libri sugli Highlander da non perdere e invece la scintilla per questa storia non è scoccata.
Non sono entrata in sintonia con i due protagonisti e non mi sono sentita particolarmente coinvolta dalla parte romance del libro che li riguardava.
La trama era comunque interessante, piena di retroscena e complotti e ai personaggi secondari è stato dato ampio spazio. Diciamo che quasi mi sono ritrovata a seguire con più piacere le loro storie che a leggere di Gavyn e Kathryn.
Peccato, perché aveva delle grosse potenzialità secondo me, ma forse sono stata io a non riuscire ad apprezzarlo appieno.
Ringrazio Netgalley e la Escape Publishing per il libro.

VOTO : 2.5 stelle

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