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Rock Hard by Nalini Singh

La mia recensione in italiano del libro la trovate pubblicata sul sito di Romanticamente Fantasy Sito

"Rock Hard" is a little different from the two previous books, in the new contemporary romance series "Rock Kiss".
Neither of the two main characters is a member of the rock band, but Charlotte is Molly's best friend that we met in "Rock Addiction", first book of the series. Her presence in that book, though short, had left its mark and I was hoping so much that it was given a bit of space, to Charlie and her T-Rex, or Gabriel her despot boss. From there the nickname Charlie kindly give it to him when she speaks of the man with Molly.
T-Rex is really ok for him as nickname and I am in love with this couple and their history.
Charlotte is a girl who does everything to blend into the environment, rather than give into the eye and she doesn’t want to attract the attention of others, especially of men, I think she would arrive at the point of dressing up with the wallpaper if it were possible. It’s not just plain shyness, but the result of a bad experience in the past that has left indelible marks in her life. She has to come to terms with her fears and her panic attacks, by approaching them boldly from day to day, to try to live a life as normal as possible, but Gabriel has no intention to let her hide like a scared mouse. He saw the glimpses of a different woman behind the facade that Charlotte shows to everyone, and he is intrigued and decided to come into the open, because he wants that woman at his side, although his instinct makes him understand immediately that the source of the girl's behavior is due not only to her character, but is tied to something bad that happened in the past.
It was the perseverance and stubbornness of Gabriel that conquered me, the great attention he shows to Charlotte, the way he teases her, how he puts her under pressure to pull out her claws at him, and show that underneath the surface there is a determined and intelligent woman, a survivor who can handle a bad-tempered and dominant T-Rex, putting him back in his place.
Charlie is adorable, and despite all her problems is really tough, a person who has been the rock that helped Molly to endure her terrible and painful adolescence. Charlotte is a true fighter, willing to expose herself to defend those she loves.
Gabriel is the only one that manages to make lose her control, her apparent calm, a weapon that she has always helped to face her fears and manage them. She can’t think too much and to filter her reactions and emotions with Gabriel and she reacts impulsively.
I enjoyed a lot reading their verbal clashes and another thing that I liked a lot in Gabriel is that he doesn’t shelter Charlotte under a bell jar, for fear of scare her because of his "physicality" and the attraction he feels for her, and certainly a former rugby player in the "physicality" thing does not fail. He’s willing to give her all the time she needs, but he is deeply convinced that she can handle herself and the strong physical attraction they feel for each other and then, however, and he teases her in all the way.This is important for Charlotte: being treated like a woman, to feel emotions so strong and intense that push her to face her fears.
In their story it isn’t all roses and flowers, sometimes they make one step forward and two back, but it's a wonderful love story, so beautiful, as she only Nalini Singh knows how to write, creating characters so wonderful.
The parts of the book that I preferred were those in which Gabriel and Charlotte joined his family playing rugby "in the family", these are scenes full of magic, where the author gives her best, funny moments, sometimes full of tenderness and while I was reading it I felt a great desire of belonging.
Needless to say that T-Rex is my "new book-boyfriend"!
Thanks to Netgalley and TKA Distribution for the book
RATING: 4 stars
TITLE: Rock Hard
AUTHOR: Nalini Singh
SERIES: Rock Kiss#2

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