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A Taste of Shifter Geekdom by Annie Nicholas

Darrel is a weapons geek.
Guns, knives, nunchakus, throwing stars, he’s deadly with all of them. 

While all seems set for him to pass his upcoming boot camp armory exam, life quickly becomes complicated when curvy, outspoken Julia invades his personal space. 

If she doesn’t pass the weapons test, she’ll be sent home and forced into an arranged mating. 

That will happen over his dead body. 

He has three days to teach her, but she can’t hit the side of a barn in broad daylight with a laser guided missile. 

To make matters worse, her intended mate makes an unannounced visit. He’s rich and suave. Everything Darrell isn’t. 

Pity Darrell is determined to get in the way of his plans. 

"I received an ARC of 'A Taste of Shifter Geekdom' from Annie Nicholas, in exchange for an honest review. 

I enjoyed very much this new story by Annie Nicholas.
It's so different from other stories about shifters I usually read.
We are facing a group of werewolves who undergo a training camp to become killers.
They are selected and come from different packs, they aren't the cream of their groups, powerful and natural born killers, instead they have flaws more or less,that make them weak and they must learn to defend themselves and defend their packmates.
Undergo a tough training, under the supervision Pallas, a vampire, who is relentless in subjecting them to harsh trials to select who will remain in the group.
 I lovedthe story, as well as the main characters  and the rest of the group. They're so close to each other, they always try to overcome difficulties together, helping esch other.
I liked Julia a lot, how she wants to give a try and tempts the fate; she's smart, sassy, passionate, combative and she tries with all her strength to turn the wing her life and follow her heart.
And I loved Darrell  so sexy, protective and even highly vulnerable due to the humble beginnings of his pack, but he loves them and try to improve their fortunes.
It's a sweet snd very hot story, but also full of action.
What really intrigued me was Pallas, he's compelling , and I don't fully understand what are his motives in helping this group of shifter.
I was intrigued also with the fireworks that arise when Pallas is near the local Sheriff, a human woman. There is a palpable tension between them and Pallas loves to taunt her. I hope to find something more in the future on them.
A beautiful story, recommended for those who love the paranormal romance.

RATING: 4 Stars

TITLE: A Taste of Shifter Geekdom
AUTHOR: Annie Nicholas
SERIES:Vanguard Elite #2

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