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Ruin & Rule by Pepper Winters - Pure Corruption #1

"We met in a nightmare. The in-between world where time had no power over reason. We fell in love. We fell hard. But then we woke up. And it was over . . ."


She is a woman divided. Her past, present, and future are as twisted as the lies she's lived for the past eight years. Desperate to get the truth, she must turn to the one man who may also be her greatest enemy . . . 

He is the president of Pure Corruption MC. A heartless biker and retribution-deliverer. He accepts no rules, obeys no one, and lives only to reap revenge on those who wronged him. And now he has stolen her, body and soul.

Can a woman plagued by mystery fall in love with the man who refuses to face the truth? And can a man drenched in darkness forgo his quest for vengeance-and finally find redemption?

Amazing story that captured me and didn't give me respite until I finished reading it, although I didn't appreciate the cliffhanger at THE end of it.
It's an intense story, a great love story that has transformed the lives of the two protagonists in a real hell when fate gave them a terrible surprise.
In the eyes of Kill, Cleo, the girl he was deeply in love with was killed and his life since that day has known only one purpose: to get his revenge.
Arthur/Kill the dear and sweet boy who loved Cleo became the President of motoclub, unscrupulous, violent, a man filled with rage. The pain did change him and when he findinni self in front of a stranger woman without memory, but who reminds him of the girl he loved, he loses control of himself and the suffering almost didn't give him peace, his pain for Cleo's loss is untenable.
He's lead by anger, while he feels inexorably attracted to this woman, and he  is overwhelmed by guilt because he feels to be unfaithful to his beloved.
A story that, despite its tough, violent and explicit content in sex scenes, it remains for me a bittersweet story, full of romance.
It's a book with two faces.
The past of Kill and Cleo and the present, and who they have become because of what they have been through.
Because yes, the girl with no memory is Cleo.
A veil of mystery shrouding their entire story because there are terrible secrets that Kill conceals and does not have the courage to tell Cleo for fear of losing her again and this time forever, but theirs is also a fight against time and against their enemy who in the past attempted to divide them.
I say it's a romantic story because seeing the connection that binds them despite the weather, things happened and the love and heartbreak that feel and how deeply Kill is tormented is very moving.
I loved the beginning of each chapter with Kill's POV, on what he's experiencing and feeling, a sort of small diary that reveals what happens when Sara/Cleo comes to disrupt his life.
A book written in a unusual way, with many flashbacks and many mysteries to be discovered, but certainly nice and exciting to read.
A must read ASAP THE next book!
Thanks to Netgalley and Forever for the book.

RATING: 4 stars

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