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Beware of Me by Cynthia Eden

Criminal. Killer. Monster. Ethan Barclay has been called many things in life, and he usually doesn't care what people say about him. He's tough, hard, and brutal when he needs to be. But even the most dangerous of men can have a weakness. Ethan's weakness has—and always will be--Carly Shay.

Their pasts are tied together—twisted and melded by blood and death. Walking away from Carly was the hardest thing that Ethan ever did, but it was also his one good deed. He knew Carly deserved far better than him, and he wanted her to have a perfect life, a life that didn't involve paying for Ethan's sins.

Only now the secrets from their past have been revealed, and Carly's life is on the line. Ethan's enemies, Carly's enemies—the predators are closing in on them. But Ethan isn't going to let Carly be threatened. He will move heaven and hell to protect her. He won't lose Carly, not again, and for those foolish enough to try and take her from him...they are about to see just how deadly Ethan truly can be.

Author's Note: BEWARE OF ME is a complete, stand-alone story. All of the books in the Dark Obsession series are stand-alone titles.

"Beware of Me" is a really good book. 
The story is well written, full of mystery and suspense, passion and two wonderful protagonists, Ethan and Carly, who are joined by a unique and intense bond.
They grew up together on the streets, they faced the worse that could happen since  they were so young, but they survived it, overcoming the things in different ways, carrying scars for it, but they survived.
Ethan left Carly, trying to protect her, he's no prince charming or a knight in shining armor , his world is dangerous, violent, dark, a reality in which people who love each other can become pawns and victims of the enemy and Ethan has a lot of them.
Carly tried to erase the horrors of the past, but the memories still affect her life and when she finds herself in front of Ethan she is afraid to have struggled in vain.
Ethan is a dangerous man, cunning and ruthless , he wouldn't hesitate to do anything to protect Carly from a mysterious enemy that has them targeted. Yet I loved him for this, for how he wants to protect her at all costs, and how he manages to make her feel safe.
Their bond is unique and special and although initially Carly  tries to dismiss and deny Ethan, then she cannot resist him.
The plot of the story is really good, full of twists and until the last pages it's hard to see what will happen.
I loved even the secondary characters, who were able to leave their mark in the story, enriching it and in the case of the FBI agent by creating a great counterpart to Ethan.
I didn't read the previous books in the series, but I found no problem at all in reading the book, which could also be considered as stand alone, except that I liked it so much that I want to read the other books.
Thanks to Netgalley and Hocus Pocus Publishing for the book.


TITLE: Beware of Me
AUTHOR: Cynthia Eden
SERIES: Dark Obsession #4
PUBLISHER: Hocus Pocus Publishing

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